Saturday, September 7, 2013

25 facts about me TAG


                                                              (me being a complete weirdo)

1. My full name is Daniela Ferreira Amaro.

2. My biggest fear are pigeons and locusts, I know it sounds weird ahah but seriously they scare me a lot and just by talking about that makes me nervous!

3. I am 5'2 feet tall (1,57m).

4. Although my blog is in english, I'm portuguese and currently I live in Portugal.(I can speak both languages)

5. I really really really wanna go to the United States.

6. My pet peeve is when I can hear people eating, the sound of them chewing, I find it absolutely disgusting!

7. My favourite season is Winter because I LOVE Christmas, the family reunions, the music, ahhhh makes me smile and always puts me in a good mood just by thinking about it. :)

8. I know this might sound weird but I love reading or watching documentaries about "paranormal activities" and I love watching scary movies.

9. I can not leave my house without my iphone.

10. I absolutely LOVE disney movies and my favourite ones are the Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

11. I have NEVER seen snow in my life. (Ridiculous I know!)

12. I love to draw and people actually tell me that I'm pretty good at it :)

13. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinary.

14. I would love to travel the world!

15. My favourite cake is cheesecake, just thinking about it makes me drool!

16. Although I love to eat fast food I watch what I eat and I do exercise regularly.

17. One think that I have to do in the future is to spend the new years eve in New York, that would be awesome!

18. I have never smoked.

19. I hate, hate, hate mushrooms.

20. When I'm in a bad mood I love to go to bed watch a movie and drink some tea.

21. When you first meet me you'll probably think that I'm a really shy person but when you get to know me better I'm a complete weirdo.

22. I love to laugh and have fun.

23. I could spend all day riding on rollercoasters, I looooooove it.

24. The only places that I've been out of Portugal was France and Spain.

25. The most beautiful/fun place that I've ever been was Paris and more specifically Disneyland with school, best week ever.

I leave you guys here with some photos that I took in France, what a beautiful country.

        Eiffel Tower / Me in Disneyland / View from the Eiffel Tower / Eiffel Tower at night

I hope you guys enjoyed this Tag, I had a lot of fun doing it. Please leave a comment down below telling me if you can relate to anything that I just mentioned about me I would love to read your comments, follow me share my blog with your friends, family, everyone because it would mean the world to me. Thank you so much and see ya soon byeeee xoxo 


  1. Omg! Christmas is my favorite time of year to by far! hope you don't mind me commenting! xo

    1. of course not, I love when people comment on my posts makes me very happy tysm :3

      xoxo, Daniela


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