Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Garnier Miracle skin perfector BB cream

Hello everyone how are y'all doing? So today I decided to to a review on Garnier's Miracle skin protector BB cream. I've heard some contradictory things about this product, but I decided to give it a try.


The packaging: I really really like the packaging because it's simple and it's not messy, you just have to squeeze it to the back of your hand and you can totally control the amount of product that comes off and it's a pretty good size.

What says in the packaging: In the packaging it says "Daily all-in-one BB cream" "Uniform complexion, brightens, hydrates, SPF 15, conceales imperfections"

Price: In my country I paid 9 euros ($11) for this BB cream which is pretty inexpensive and I bought it at my local drugstore.

Colors: When I went out to buy it I was going for a "medium" color but I was surprised when the lady that works there told me that I should buy the "light" one because it was better for me and this was in the summer time which means that my skin was kinda tanned and I thought that was a little bit weird, but she explained that the light color it's not that light and in fact when I got home I decided to try it and I was surprised when I saw that even the light color was a little bit too dark for me. So if your skin is really light I wouldn't recommend this BB cream.

My final thoughts on this product: From 1 to 10  I give it a 6 and let me tell you why. By doing this review I wanted to give you guys my honest opinion and I think this BB cream is not the best at least for my skin. I have oily combination skin and some imperfections and I noticed that after a good 15 minutes my skin was starting gettin really shiny and that is not good specially after only 15 minutes whaaat! Another thing that made me dislike this BB cream was the fact that it doesn´t cover my imperfections at all, but if you don't have many imperfections and if your skin isn't oily I think this would be a good product because it really helps with discoloration, with the redness around the nose, and it feels like you just applied a moisturizer. I wouldn't reccomend this if you have oily or oily combination skin or if you have a lot of imperfections and if you're trying to find a bb cream that kinda conceals those imperfections I think this is not the BB cream for you.

I hope you guys find this helpful because I always read some reviews and first impressions before I buy any product so I decided to review this BB cream for you guys. If you have any questions that you want me to answer or any product that you want me to talk about next leave a comment down below, or if you liked this post let me know in the comments. Share my blog with everyone that you know and follow me because that would make me really really happy <3 aaaand that's about it, thank you so much xoxo

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