Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Straight hair for 4/5 months!

Hello everyone, how are you doing? So, today I went to the hairdresser and I decided to get my hair straight and it's gonna last 4/5 months! I've always had curly/wavy hair and I used to hate my natural hair, I think it didn't flatter me and it was too dry and the curls were not defined so I started using a flat iron everyday, and when I say everyday I mean every single day, and it was very damaging specially because when I first started using heat I wouldn't use a heat protector so it damaged my hair A LOT, my ends were all split and my hair was breaking. I couldn't do this to my hair anymore so I asked my hairstylist what should I do and she said I should do a treatment that not only repares my hair but also straightens it for about 4/5 months. I can wash my hair and it's still straight. The process of it is a lil bit painful because the hairstylist has to really push our hair to get it straight and to last longer, but heeey! Beauty is pain! And I think it was totally worth it, I 100% reccomend this because my hair now is super healthy, I don't have any split ends and my hair is a lot more shinny and on top of that it's super soft! To wash my hair, cut it and do the treatment I paid 90 euros which is super inexpensive because last year a friend of mine did this treatment and she paid about 200 euros. I'll keep you updated about my hair.

Ps: If your hair is like super curly it's probably gonna last only 3 months, since my hair is wavy it will last me 4/5 months.

This is my very first "beauty" post and I would love to know what you think, please feel free to comment, ask me something that you would like to know and it would mean the world if you could share my blog and follow me. I'll try to post once or twice a week. Thank you, byeeeee xoxo.


  1. I have wavy hair too and have always considered this but never knew if it would actually be worth it! After reading this I will most definitely give it a try! thanks! I'm new to blogging but would love if you checked out my page! Thanks :)


    1. It's totally worth it my hair now it's healthy and after you wash your hair you just have to blow dry it and after 2 min the hair is dry and completely straight and soft :) thanks for the comment and I really like your blog, keep going xoxo


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