Monday, October 21, 2013

Amazing gel for acne - "Andrea Valomo"

Hello beauties how are you? Well I hope! Today I have another beauty related post, I think I'm getting better at posting about beauty and makeup because usually I post more about fashion, inspirational things and tags but lately I've been really enjoying posting all this beauty related stuff. And what about you? Have you been enjoying my posts? I would love to know! Well I'm getting a little bit off topic... I discovered this product recently because my mom works at a salon and her coworker gave me this to try it out and let me tell you, this product is amazing.

This is what the packaging looks like. This is an Italian brand, to be honest I've never heard of it but I'm really happy I found it because this is really amazing. I've only been using this for the past days and I can honestly see a change in my skin. Like I said many, many times before, I have oily combination skin and I also have some spots and zits on my face now and then, and this gel really cleans my face and after I use it my skin feels so fresh and clean. Here's their website if you are interested in knowing more about this product or their brand: CLICK HERE!

In the packaging it says that this gel contains an equalizer complex with bearberry extract, zinc and salicylic acid, providing an anti-seborrheic and purifying action and deeply releasing the skin from microbial impurities.
How I use this product: I apply this every morning before I apply my foundation and also at night before I go to sleep. At night I also like to put a thicker layer just so my skin can really absorb the gel. And this also smells amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you're looking for a good product because you also have some acne or oily skin this is a great option. Leave a comment down below if you have ever heard about this or if you have ever tried it and what are your thoughts on it I would love to know. Thank you so much and stay beautiful.

My question for you: What is your favorite product to clean your skin?

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  1. It looks like a jelly x). I'm currently looking for a new favourite product to clean my skin. I have some dr.Hauschka cleanser now because I want to use organic cosmetics, but it smells horrible! haha :D oh well, i'll keep looking..

    x Marjaana

    1. I know right that is exactly what I thought hahaha! Thank you so much for the comment :)

      xoxo, Daniela


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