Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beauty haul - "Drugstore products"

Hello beauties? How are you doing on this lovely saturday? Yesterday I went shopping with my mum and I bought some makeup at my local drugstore and why not share it with you? I haven't tried any of this products yet so I don't know if it's good or not, so if you have ever tried any product let me know in the comments how you like them. 

The first product is this foundation from Rimmel, I actually bought it because it was so cheap and I know that a lot of people use it and I decided to give it a try. I think this isn't the original price because I bought it for 4,99 € which is ridiculously cheap. From all the products I bought this is the one I'm most excited about. Would you like a first impression/review?

Next are this two lipsticks from essence, I just recently heard of this drugstore makeup "essence" and a lot of people seem to enjoy it so I decided to buy a few products to see how I like it. 
The first lipstick is in "07 Natural Beauty" and it's a very subtle pink, it looks very natural on the lips.
The second one is in "05 Dare to be Nude" it's a nude/beije color, it looks very brown but on the lips it looks very natural.
Both lipsticks were 2,89 € which is very unexpensive aswell.

Next is this lipgloss, it's a very shiny lipgloss, in "022 Nude Kiss" and it was 2,29 €. I really like the color and also the applicator.

This is the only product that I was kinda hesitant to buy because I haven't heard anyone talk about it and I don't know if it's good or not but I decided to give it a try and it was also super cheap, 3,49 €. 

And finally, I also bought this lip balm and it was 1,19 €, it has a small amount of product but it's understandable because it was very cheap. And it's in mango icecream (it smells/tastes amazing, if I could I would literally eat it haha).

And this is the end of the haul, I hope you enjoyed this post. I love buying drugstore makeup not only because its cheap but also because there's really good products as well. Please let me know in the comments if you would like to see a first impression/review on any product. Don't forget to follow me, it would mean the world! Thank you so much, xoxo.

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  1. Nice post! I want to try this Rimmel foundation but I'm waiting for your review *hint hint* ;)

    1. thank you so much! I will do a review on that!

      xoxo, Daniela


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