Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lily Collins style

Hello beauties how are you doing? Today I wanted to do something different, I'm going to talk about Lily Collins style not only because I absolutly love it but also because she's one of my "fashion" inspirations. I think her style is amazing, she's one of those persons who can totaly pull of a casual look or classy and even edgy. Everytime she goes on the red carpet I always find my self falling in love with her outfits. She has a great eye for fashion and even the simplest pieces she can wear them and make them look fabulous and that's what I admire the most about her.

Here's 3 different outfits choices that I picked up to show you the versatility of her outfits. In the first picture she's wearing an edgy outfit with bold makeup which I think it looks awesome. In the second picture she's more classy/formal for the vanity fair 2012 (this year she went with a long blue dress also very formal and classy). And finally in the last picture she's very casual, with two simple clothing pieces (pencil skirt and kind of a baggy T) and it still looks amazing, the two pieces go so well together and I love how she paired it with some formal shoes in a dark blue color.

Here is her street style, I think she's very casual and I love it because I'm also very casual and I like to always be comfortable while looking presentable. I am also a jean person, I think we can wear jeans with basically everything, it's so versatile and it's never out.
She also doesn't wear that much color, it's more browns, blacks and nude colors just like me.

Here's some of her makeup looks aswell. This are two different makeup looks, in the first picture the makeup is more soft and natural, we can't barely tell if she's wearing any makeup or not and that's how it should be! On the second look it's more of a bold and dark makeup which she totally rocks! The bold dark lips look great on her, once again, rocking two completly different looks.

I hope you liked this post, what about you? Do you like Lily Collins style? Let me know in the comments! Don't forget to follow me, it would mean the absolute world. Thank you so much.

Xoxo, Daniela

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  1. She really does wear some gorgeous outfits! & her eyebrows are AMAZING, great post!
    I've nominated you for the sunshine award (details on blog!)

  2. I know right, her eyebrows are amazing! Thank you so much again sweetie <3

    xoxo, Daniela


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