Saturday, October 26, 2013

My hair care routine!

Hello beauties, how are you all doing on this lovely Saturday? Well I hope! Today I decided to talk about my hair, how I take care of it, what products I use, etc. I hope you enjoy!

I don't know the prices of any of this products because I bought them a while ago and I can't really remember, but they weren't expensive because they're all drugstore products, I'm all about buying drugstore products because they're not only cheap, but some of them are really good quality.

My heat protector: Schwarzkopf GLISS heat protector
My shampoo and conditioner: TRESemmé "Liso Keratina"
My hair masc: Schwarzkopf GLISS hair repair
My cream for split ends: Also from Schwarzkopf GLISS hair repair
My hairspray: Nivea Diamond Gloss in 4 extra strong

So this are the shampoo and conditioner that I have been loving using. It keeps my hair soft and smooth and it also smells really good. TRESemmé is a brand that a lot of hairstylists use in their salons and you can buy it at your local drugstore which is really really cool. (I don't know where you live so this might not be available at your local drugstore.)

This is by far, my  favorite of my whole hair care routine. I apply this in the shower, wait about 3 minutes and then remove it. My hair looks and feels so healthy after using this masc. It's just amazing.

I don't usually use a lot of hairspray, only when I curl my hair (which is rare) or tie it in a messy bun, but I really like this one because it really holds the curls and it smells really good. 

This is my heat protector. I've been using this one for ages and I really, really like it. 

This is also one of my favorites. This is a cream for split ends and I usually apply it when I get out of the shower and it makes my hair look more healthier and soft.

That's about it for my hair care routine. I hope you enjoyed it, I would like to know if any of you guys have any tips for growing hair long, because I really want to let my hair grow but I don't want it to look unhealthy and I want it to grow faster. Any tips? Thank you so much for reading, xoxo.

My question for you: What are your favorite products to use on your hair care routine?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your hair routine :) you should try some oils for split ends, they are amazing! :)

    1. Thank you so much for the tip hun! :)

      xoxo, Daniela

  2. Love your routine! Look like some really great products :) I think the best way for growing hair is just to have the very ends trimmed once every few months and to remember to deep condition (like you already do with the hair repair) I think with this routine, you could let it grow out and you're hair would still be incredibly healthy :D Thanks for all the tips, the split end cream sounds good-mine gets so frazzled at the ends!
    Liz xo

    1. Thank you so much for the tips sweetie and yes, the split ends cream is amazing, I really really like it! :)

      xoxo, Daniela


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