Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas favorites!

Hello everyone, how are you? Well I hope! I can not believe that we are only 2 days away from Christmas, like, what? I feel like it was yesterday that Summer ended, and now it's almost Christmas, it's ridiculous! Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought it was a good idea showing you some of my favorite products, food etc. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

This first product is a shower gel, and I mainly love it because of the smell. It smells like coconut and it is amazing. It's not too strong, it's a very subtle coconut smell. And of course because of the packaging. It's so cute and Christmassy. I'd love to tell you guys the price but this was a gift, so, I don't know, sorry.

This next product is a makeup remover from Garnier and I have previously talked about this specific product in a previous post, but it is seriously so amazing that I couldn't not include in my favorites. I've been using this makeup remover for quite a while now and I absolutely love it. It removes my makeup smoothly and leaves my face super duper soft. I love it.

Next is this body conditioner, it's a new product from Nivea and I like it very much. I use it during the shower and I notice that after the shower I don't really need to apply a moisturizer because my body is already soft and hydrated, and that is always a plus. Very good product, nice job Nivea.

Next is this nailpolish by CLICHÉ. I love it so much! It's such a pretty sparkly color and so christmassy. I'm definitly painting my nails with this nailpolish for Christmas.

Now for perfume, lately I've been using the new Justin Bieber's perfume The Key and I love it. It smells so good and the packaging is gorgeous. I'm gonna try to describe the scent, just a warning guys, I'm the worst at describing things but I will do my best. It smells kind of fruity and it's a little bit strong so a little bit goes a long way. And it smells way better 2 or 3 minutes after you spray it on your body.

Next is this candle, of course not only for the design, which is gorgeous, but also because this candle has the best scent ever! It is apple cinnamon and oh my god, I can't even put it into words, you just have to smell it. It smells just like Christmas, it's so amazing and it burns for the longest time. Love it.

Now for food, my favorite part yum yum. First are this chocolates. This ones are just like ferrero roches (which I prefer) but with coconut and white chocolate, and nonetheless super delicious. I am addicted and I need help. See that box there? It was filled with Raffaellos a week ago now, it's almost empty as you can see. Oh dear.

And of course my next favorite is the one and only, Starbucks. I just recently started going to Starbucks and I am already addicted. And if you're wondering, yes, I took those pictures and both are my drinks (and cookie) that I ordered myself. On the left is hot chocolat with caramel and a giant chocolate chip cookie, and on the right is a chocolate frappuccino. I'm drolling right now just by looking at this pictures. Moving on before I make my self go to Starbucks this late at night...

And finally, of course I had to include my advent calendar! I know, I know, I'm such a child when it comes to Christmas but it's just been a tradition, ever year I do this and I think it's such a cute way to countdown till Christmas (and yummi of course).

Now, for the big final is my favorite song this Christmas. And it is "Last Christmas" by the beautiful Ariana Grande. It's an adaptation of the original song by Wham. I still love the original one, I think it's one of the best Christmas songs ever, but I've just been loving listening to Ariana and her latest Christmas songs, so catchy and Christmassy.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment telling me how are you going to spend your christmas and what's your favorite things about it! Thank you so much and follow me if you haven't, it would mean the world. Love you, xoxo.

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  1. I love Raffaello, it's delicious :) And I love everything that smells like apple and cinnamon!! Cute post :) Merry Christmas!! ♥ Agostina

  2. I wish we had Advent Calendars here in Brazil!!! Well, in my city I've never found one. But Brazil's quite big, so maybe it's there, somewhere. haha I got lots of body lotions, so I have to test them all to see if I like them. But I got a make up chest from my boyfriend. I loved it! Also got a book, and two wonderful dresses. <3

  3. I love glade candles! I have a honey and chocolate one lit right now :D Lovely post! L xo

  4. I've been reading quite a few of your posts lately and I literally screamed when you mentioned Ariana!!! WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS!!!

    1. omg wiyasguhdhb I just love her so much. She's so talented and beautiful!

  5. I had no idea JB even had that perfume, must sniff it next time!



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