Friday, March 21, 2014

FASHION HAUL! Primark, Tally Weijl...

Hello beauties, how are you all doing? So as promised, I'm here with a Primark fashion haul woot woot. One of my most popular posts is my primark haul and the other day I decided to go there to do some "spring shopping" then I ended up buying a few things and  I thought why not share it with you! Hope you enjoy it.

So the first thing I'm gonna show you is this knitted top, I guess it's how you call it, and it is off shoulder. I thought it was super cute specially for this season to wear with floral skirts or even some plane skinny jeans. Love it.

Primark: 12 € (I believe)

Next is this super duper bright shirt. I love it, it is in hot pink and what better color to describe spring? 

Primark: 5 €

Now for my personal favorite... I can't even. I love this jacket so much. It is edgy, comfortable and just awesome. 

Primark: Originally 27 €, bought for 11 €

Aren't these so cute? When I saw them I knew I just had to buy them. So simple yet so adorable. And they go with pretty much everything.

Primark: 9 €

Then I bought this really feminine and big sunglasses. Great for those days when I wanna be more casual and do not wear any makeup. 

Primark: 1,50 €

These are the only pieces of jewelry that I bought. I have to admit that I am kind of obsessed over knuckle rings. So pruutty.

Primark: 3 €

I've been wanting a blazer and when I found this one I just had to buy it. It looks so cool, really makes a simple and casual outifit look much more formal and put together.

Primark: Originally 23 €, bought for 7 €

This dress in picture doesn't look as good as in person, or put on, but you'll see how I style it on my next post. I really like it, it's super flowy and light. Perfect for this season and I also love the floral pattern. I think this would look really cute with the beije knitted top that I've shown you earlier.

Primark: 5 €

This is not from Primark, I bought both this sweaters for 20 €, it was a pay one get two kind of deal, so yeah, I think they are so awesome, perfect for those days when you just want to be comfy.

Tally Weijl: 10 € each

I hope you enjoyed this, please don't forget to follow me if you haven't and leave a comment telling me wich item you liked the best, I would absolutely love to read. Also, just want to remind you that I created a twitter account, you can go follow me there to see random toughts, more updates, pictures, etc. Thank you so much.
Also, a huge thank you to my cousin for taking this pictures with her awesome camera, xx.

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  1. The Primark jacket is gorgeous!
    Great haul, lovely pieces :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend
    L xo

  2. I love those rings and the meow top :)
    L x

  3. Oh I love Primark, there are always so many goodies for a small price!
    I like Your blog a lot, I'm a new follower :)

    1. Primark is one of my favorites. Love it! Thank you so much for following me xx

  4. The jacket and the blazer are my favorite pieces :) Great picks!! xx Agostina

  5. MEOW shirt and rings are sooo my fav! :)

  6. Love the shoes and the jumper looks great!
    Heres my blog


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