Monday, March 24, 2014

My everyday hairstyle (bouncy/messy curls)

Hello beauties how are you? Well I hope! So today I wanted to show you my everyday hairstyle. This might seem complicated at first and you'll be probably wondering how the heck do I have time to do this every day. It's a matter of practice, in the beginning it would take me an hour to do this, and now it only takes me 15 minutes or less! I took this picture in the afternoon and I style it at 6:30 am in the morning, as you can see the curls lasted the whole day, but they get a little bit loser and messier, which I like it.
This is my "everyday hairstyle" but obviously I don't do this every single day, there's days where I don't use any heat.

First thing I do is brush my hair, well obviously. then I apply some heat protectant (mine's from Schwarzkopf) to prevent any damage. This is the mot important step guys.
After the product is evenly destributed I start curling my hair with a flat iron (from Belissima) (see picture below).
And once I finish curling my hair I apply some finishing hair spray.

This flat iron is seriously so good, I have it for almost a year now and it works perfectly. It gives me the most define curls, I don't even need to use a curling iron. To style my hair I just grab some big random pieces of hair and just curl them. If you would like to know how I do it, like a tutorial, feel free to ask me in the comments, I'm pretty sure some of you already know from youtube because there's tons of it.

Alright I hope you guys liked this little post about my hair. Don't forget to leave a comment down below, I love to read them and know your opinion. Thank you so much! Byeeeeee.

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  1. Ur hair is lovely. I love the messy waves.
    L x

  2. Your hair is so pretttyy!

  3. Your hair is so cute!

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  5. ahh love it! Really pretty hairstyle + you look gorgeous

    1. thank you so much and YOU are gorgeous :) x

  6. The curls are amazing! I used a flat iron to do my curls, then i got a curling iron and never come back :D Lovely post xx Agostina

  7. Your hair beautiful, love the curls and yes so bouncy!
    Heres my blog


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