Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goodbye March, Hello April!

Hello beauties, how are you all on the first day of April? Wow. It feels so weird knowing we're already in April, it feels like it was yesterday that I was wishing you a Merry Christmas? Anyway, I just wanted to write a very, very quick and short post to wish you all an amazing month, and I hope everything's going great with you and if you have any amazing plans or anything pendant, make this month YOUR month! It is almost 10 pm here and I survived this 1st day (April fools day) *sigh of relief*. Actually a friend of mine tried to lie and prank me which totally didn't work, it was funny though. What about you? Any pranks worth sharing?
And that's basically it, I just really wanted to say that. I hope March was a great month for you and now I hope April is going to be even better! Have fun, go enjoy the sun (not really ere where I live because the weather has been pretty crappy), go hang out with your friends and enjoy this month to the fullest! Love you all!

My question for you: Highlights of March?

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  1. I should do an April post too, i'm blogging for 2 years now yays. Happy April! :)


    1. wow that is amazing, congrats! I've been here only for 6 months now, pretty new to this, I'm loving every second of it anyway. Thank you sweetie, you too :)

  2. I love your random posts!! Hmmm highlight of March....... Probably pay day hahahahaha
    L x

    1. yup this one's pretty random eheh and I enjoy writing them, I don't know, just like to say what's on my mind and make that a little interesting (I hope) post. Thank you :)
      Oh yeah, pay day is always AWESOME haha xx

  3. I wish you have a very nice spring!!

    Andera | www.universulanderei.ro

  4. Highlight of march.. Probably freedom. I mean NOW IT'S APRIL already... Like what.... But exams are around the corner... So long Freedom :( xxx


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