Sunday, October 25, 2015

My everyday makeup routine!

Hello beauties how have you all been? Today I decided to bring you the products that I use on my everyday makeup routine. I'm not the type of person that spends huge amounts of money in makeup, not because I don't want to, because if I had the opportunity I'd love to do that, it's just that with college and all that I usually only buy drugstore makeup also almost all the products you'll see here are from drugstore and are also really, really affordable. Which is nice for girls that are still in school and they're parents are not willing to buy really expensive makeup (which was my case in highschool). These products are all nice and I use them almost everyday for a really simple look.

Foundation by Rimmel "Match Perfection": about 12 €
Bronzer "Avon Glow": about 5 €
Blush "Glamour": given to me
Babylips by Maybelline: 2,99 €
Lipliner "P.S. Beauty Primark": 1,50 € 
Lipstick by "Essence" in 05 "Dare to be nude": about 2/3 €
Black Eyeliner by "Dior": given to me
Mascara by "Essence": 2-5 €

This is basically the products of my everyday routine, they're really cheap which is good because since I use them so much I can buy them more frequently. Hope you liked this little post, and I hope you've all had an amazing weekend 

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