Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dark Lips

Hello beauties how are you all on this lovely saturday evening? Well I hope! Today I was just playing with my makeup and ended up doing a look that I usually never go for, which is a dark lip. I know it's so simple and it's not even a big deal, but to me it kind of is because I usually never use dark lipsticks, not that I don't like it, because in reality I love it, it's just that I never found any that really suited me or that I felt comfortable wearing but I actually do like this one. Since I like it why not do a blog post about it?

This is the Sephora retractable lip liner in 06 deep red. It is a lip liner that I bought some time ago because it was in sale but never really had the courage to use it since it was such a bold color and it was too difficult for me to feel comfortable with such dark lips.
But... since it's Autumn and it's time to use all these lovely autumnal colors I decided to give it a try and don't feel so scared of stepping out of my comfort zone and I really like it. It's the perfect lip color for this season and it goes with pretty much everything. With this look the makeup that I use is very minimalistic so that all the attention goes towards the lipstick since it's such a dark color. Foundation (Rimmel), bronzer (avon) and blush, eyeliner (essence) and a few coats of mascara (essence). I also recommend before applying this lip liner applying a lip balm so that your lips are smooth. It helps with the application because this lip liner can be quite hard to apply without a lip balm.

I hope you enjoyed this post it was different from any other that I've ever done on my blog but I hope you liked it anyway. Comment down below which lip color or lipstick is your favorite, I'd love to know it. Thank you so much for reading 

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