Friday, June 30, 2017

Gigi Hadid's style!

Hello everybody, today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite Gigi Hadid's looks. As some of you (or all of you) may know Gigi is a Victoria's Secret model and it is very well known not only for her modeling career but also for her amazing style. Tought I'd share with you some of my favorite looks, her street style and also some dresses that she wore for a red carpet.

As you can tell by these photos Gigi loves a good pair of sunglasses, and to be honest I think it can really complement an outfit, it is a great acessory even tho she probably wears them more because of th paparazzi.
These looks are all quite casual but still very put together, they're stylish and she can definitly rock them.

Here are my top 3 looks for a red carpet, specially the red one, I think it looks stunning
on her. The black one is also amazing, very edgy yet simple. The gold one is a dress that in the hanger you'd think "how could she pull that of?", well... she definitly does! 

Hope you liked this post, tell me if you also like her style, and which outfit you like the most. Also let me know who are your favorite stylish celebrities. Thanks for stopping by.

*pictures: google

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  1. she's so gorgeous! My favorite is the black red carpet look :)

  2. I love the red gown on Gigi! She looks fabulous in the black dress and in the gold outfit as well!


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