Thursday, June 29, 2017

New start!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Long time no see! As you can tell by the tittle I decided to jump back in this beautiful and wonderful world of blogging. 
As some of you know (and if you do, thank you from the bottom of my heart) I started blogging in 2013. It was one of the best things I've ever done and it made me feel amazing knowing I was persuing something that I loved (still do) and sharing my toughts and opinions with you. I've had some times where I stopped blogging for a while cause my life got busier with college or I didn't feel as if I was making a difference in here, really doubting my content and I tought I wasn't creating "cool", and fun blog posts for you to read. 
Now I'm at a place where I feel ok with just being myself like I've always been and sharing my opinions and my view on thing and hoppefully you like it and read it! 
If my advice for anyone who's trying to start blogging or even when I see someone on youtube I like to see the people for what they are, their personality, their flaws, their humor, that is what makes me want to keep following that person. Seeing how genuine and passionate they are. I don't think anyone can be "successful" by showing people "what they want to see" and putting up a different personality to be the "perfect person", that doesn't work and people catch up on that.
So I need to stop worring about "oh what difference do I make by posting this, I don't think people will want to read it..." and just post it becase it is me, I tought about it, I like it and maybe people will like it too! Of course some people will like it more than others but that's just life, we can never please everyone. That's humanly impossible, and it's totally ok. 
I'm not trying to make this blog post super long, just wanted to bring some positivity into my first post since I haven't posted in a while and it would feel weird just doing like "my favorite beauty products at the moment" kinda post. Maybe you can in the comments tell me if you've ever felt this way and tell me what are you most excited by summer 2017? I'm excited to go on vacation with my family and boyfriend to the North here in Portugal. It's one of my favorite places to go, I really feel at piece there and relaxed.

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  1. I'm torn trying to decide whether I like the looks pretty embroidered red gown in the centre photo or that edgy black mini-dress in the left photo the best. Gigi Hadid looks stunning in all three of these dresses!


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